Is Teeth Whitening Contributing to Body Dysmorphia?

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Today’s society has creating a culture where looking your best is a high priority, no matter how impractical or unrealistic the acceptable body image.

The stress to attain this ‘acceptable image’ is tough for most people, however is an even worse struggle for those with body dysmorphic condition (BDD). What divides individuals with BDD from others is that while most individuals may sometimes concentrate on their looks, those with BDD are consumed with their perceived visual imperfections.

Is Teeth Whitening Coming to be a Compulsive Problem?

No actual studies have been done, so there is no empirical research regarding teeth whitening as a fixation, obsession or dependency, regardless of countless individuals seeing their dental practitioner or orthodontist for multiple whitening sessions. Teeth whitening therapies are currently the leading aesthetic oral treatment, having actually raised in excess of 300% since 1996.

Psychological establishments could well be the very first healthcare organization to both notice as well as act upon BDD. They noticed patients would return for repeated whitening treatments while exhibiting their dissatisfaction with the results, no matter how great their teeth looked.

Most of the time, if a dental professional presumes a client is showing characteristics of BDD, they will certainly refer them to a certified medical professional in order to appropriately diagnose the issue. So, exactly how significant can recurring whitening end up being?

The Statistics Behind Teeth Lightening that Concern Professionals

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A study was performed where 650 individuals were asked to finish a collection of self-report surveys. From the 650 individuals, 10 (1.63%) satisfied DSM-5 analysis requirements for body dysmorphic condition (BDD); hair, nose as well as teeth were the most typical challenges noted. Individuals participating in the exercise furthermore reported reduced degrees of self-confidence, extreme social stress and anxiety, basic distress, depression as well as OCD qualities compared to other individuals without BDD.

While most don’t overuse whitening agents, people spent around $1.4 billion on their products and treatments in 2006.

Symptoms of Too Much Whitening

The disorder is known as ‘bleachorexia’ or ‘dentorexia.’ What is most important for sufferers to comprehend is how much damage over whitening can do. You could end up with hypersensitive teeth as the enamel is eroded away and your gums and throat could become irritated, not to mention potential dizziness caused by inadvertently ingesting whitening solutions.

Does Teeth Bleaching Eventually Affect an Individual’s Beauty?

Ironically, studies have shown that the color of your teeth didn’t have much influence on people’s perception of attractiveness. Whiter teeth may enhance self-esteem on a personal level, however may not have as much influence over how people see you.

Professional Treatment is Recommended

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If you are thinking about teeth bleaching, those in the know recommend you only have it done by a professional with training and skill in teeth whitening. Performing the task on your own may do more harm than good.


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